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Friday, 6 December 2013

The Purr-fect Experience- You have to see this!

Totnes Cats Cafe

Well, carrying on from my earlier post - I need to update you on our trip to Totnes.

It was a lovely bright, but cold, crisp morning when we arrived - so a hot coffee was definitely required. 

Me and my daughter were pretty excited about getting to have a cuppa with the Cats - and we weren't disappointed!

As the first of its kind in the UK, having originated in Japan, it is obviously an attention grabber and apparently, there remains some confusion about what exactly it is. Talking to the "Human Servants" (as they lovingly refer to themselves) I found out I was not the only person who had thought that it was a cafe you took your own cat to! (And some had actually attempted to take theirs in). Phew - thought I was the only one. 

The idea behind what is known as the "Therapy Lounge" is that it is a place to come to, not only for relaxing - but for those who would love a cat but due to their environment, personal circumstances, finances and the like, are unable to. 

There have  been some disappointed little ones though, as due to the cats not being used to children, as well as space and insurance issues I imagine - no children are allowed to go in. However, there is a window through, and the cats can easily be seen at play.

Mango checking out the high street

We were the only people in the cafe to begin with, so could be entirely selfish and hog the 6 cats currently in residence. We were served with our drinks and Rocky Road (had to be done) and the cats all became highly interested in us. 

They were so well behaved, gorgeous and clearly well looked after. We were able to give them a few treats - so of course we were their new best friends.

I think I had all 6 on me at one point :)

Do you remember the title of my first post today - 'A Purr-fect Place to Write'? Well  - if you don't have a single treat on your being, then I guess it could be. But, I don' think I could ignore the lovely cats and concentrate on writing!

After the initial fun and games, the cats became a bit more relaxed with us being there, and we too could just sit back, chat and chill.
Jet - cat napping

It's not a huge cafe, and had got quite busy by the time we were tearing ourselves away. Nevertheless, it was welcoming, different, fun, and I can see that as a regular visitor it really could be therapeutic and a wonderfully relaxing environment. The cats appear to enjoy every bit of fuss (of course) but if they get tired or fed up with the attention, there is a quiet place where visitors are requested not to disturb them.

I'll finish this post with some other lovely pictures of "The Team" at play.


Felix on top 

I hope the Cats Cafe continues to provide this unique refreshment and relaxation experience - if you ever get the chance to pop in for a coffee - do! There is also a small shop attached that sells a range of cat inspired gifts. Purr-fect.

Here's the link again:

Totnes Cats Cafe

Tomorrow I will share a few more charming finds during our visit to Totnes...which, by the way, is twinned with Narnia... :)

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