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About Me

Thank you for dropping by!

I am a writer from Devon, but in a previous life I was a nurse in the NHS. After working hard to gain my Psychology degree (whilst attempting to bring up three children and work full-time) I left to work as an Offending Behaviour Programme Facilitator in a male prison. 

It is my experiences within this field and my interaction with prisoners which inspired my psychological suspense/crime fiction. 

Having come to a crossroads in my life, I decided to be brave and take a road which was risky, yet more desirable. With lots of support and back-up, I left work and concentrated on my writing. I began with short stories. Some of those stories, aimed for the womag market, have been published in women’s magazines, some in anthologies and some I self published in two collections.

But, novels were always what I really wanted to write. And so, with the advice 'write what you know', firmly in my mind - I began my journey writing psychological suspense novels based around crime. I finished my 'first' novel during 2014 and then immediately began the second. It is this novel that will actually be my first!

I titled it Portrayal, and when it was in its early stages I entered it into a competition - the 2015 CWA (Crime Writers' Association) Debut Dagger Award. 

I was shocked and extremely happy when it was longlisted (one of eleven). 

It's this novel, now with the title, SAVING SOPHIE which helped me gain my agent, and a publishing deal. 

SAVING SOPHIE and BAD SISTER, both psychological thrillers, are available now!

My third novel, ONE LITTLE LIE is out in ebook on 23rd July 2018 and the paperback publishes on 6th September - it's available for pre-order now!


  1. Hi Sam, Congratulations on 'Saving Sophie'. I'm a former police DCI who now advises writers on anything police-related from standard procedure to Murder investigation. I'm currently helping CL Taylor with her latest thriller, having advised on 'The Missing'. I have a website at www.gibconsultancy.co.uk which has a Consultancy page.
    If you ever need any advice or even just the odd question answering I'd be happy to hear from you.
    Stuart Gibbon

    1. Thank you! And that's fabulous - thank you for leaving your details, Stuart! I will definitely keep you in mind :)