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Saturday, 7 December 2013


Honestly, it's true... ;)

So, I will continue to tell you about my lovely visit to Totnes with my daughter...

 Narnia - something that started as a joke, because really it's is twinned with Vire - has grown in popularity, with T-Shirts and the like all being available to buy from the town.

One of the shops is also called Narnia and houses some wonderful retro items.

 Spotted a number of typewriters!

After spending a while in here, with numerous shouts of "Oh my God, my Mum had one of those,"
we left to explore some more of the town.

 It is a market town which has an amazing vibrant feel to it, lots of diverse shops and people. We had an encounter with an owl
and I had to have a jig with the busker - much to my daughter's embarrassment!

It really was a great day - so much fun, and right on our doorstep. It really made me appreciate where I live. And as an aside, the talented Nicholas Evans lives near Totnes too - unfortunately I have yet to bump into him (but I did see Rick Mayall in Morrisons once).

Anyway...to add the icing on the cake (well, actually it had nothing to do with icing) our last stop was the Fudge shop...yum!!

We were lucky enough to see the special "Christmas Pudding" fudge being made - and I can assure you, it was spot on! :)

The next visit will be for the 
 late night shopping, which is always a magical evening - can't wait.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day :0)

    (I got goosebumps looking at that typewriter.)

    1. Thanks for following and commenting Suzanne :)

      It was a really good day, and I know what you mean about the goosebumps. I saw older typewriters in there too. It brought back memories of me begging to Mum and Dad for one at Christmas when I was about 8 - and I got it - and adored it.

      Mind you, looking at them now it makes me really appreciate what writers had to go through for their writing! Not sure I would have the patience now - have got so used to word processing!


  2. I love the Totnes Cat's Café. I have a friend who lives there and will make sure I visit it next time I go to see her (although there's no knowing when that will be). I love the Christmas late night shopping evenings. We have just had one in our town and it's magical.

    1. Small world! Yes, definitely worth a visit to the cafe when/if you get the chance.

      I think I'll be going to every late night in every nearby town - as I have yet to get any presents! Oops...