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Sunday, 11 January 2015

So Many Books!

I was rather shocked to find that I had only read 12 books (and 2 of those had been short story collections) in 2014. I use Goodreads a lot, I love adding the books I have read, sharing with others and seeing their recommendations. I also find it invaluable to check out reviews before deciding on which book to purchase next. Goodreads keeps track of your books and gives you Your Year in Books (hence why I know how little I've read!) You can also set yourself a reading challenge each year and a nifty bar chart tells you how far towards your goal you are.

Anyway, to get to the point. I want to read more in 2015. Mostly this is because I have a shelf-load of unread books - not to mention a fair few stacked on my Kindle - which I really must read! My problem, like many other people's, is that I cannot help buying new books. So, all I am doing is adding to the ever-increasing stack of 'to-reads' and therefore making it even less likely that I'm ever going to get through them. Of course, you HAVE to buy new books - it's impossible not to. I find new authors daily and think "I must read their book" and heaven help me on Twitter, because I come across so many recommendations from those I follow that I can spend hours just making lists of must haves. And then, don't get me started on the amazing Liz Barnsley. Her Book Review website is FULL of the aforementioned 'must haves' and she reads SO much that it is always being updated. Honestly, I am in awe. If you ever get stuck for something to read you simply must check her site out.

I have decided to add a 'Book Review' page to my blog. If I have the added incentive of reviewing, I may manage to get through more books. Well, that's the theory anyway. I have started by adding a couple of books that I have already reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads and will continue to add my previously read books before I start adding new reviews. I am currently reading Sarah Hilary's No Other Darkness, due for release on 23rd April in the UK so I will ensure I review that one soon.

Have you got any reading goals this year? I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for dropping by - and Happy Reading! Oh, and as this is my first post this year HAPPY NEW YEAR too :)