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Friday, 12 January 2018

Writing highlights 2017

My writing highlights of 2017 included the publication of my second psychological thriller, BAD SISTER. 

I'd spent a long time while writing it worrying about 'Second Book Syndrome' - then as it went out into the world in October, I held my breath awaiting the response from bloggers, reviewers and readers.

Imagine my delight then, when esteemed blogger and reviewer, Kaisha Holloway (The Writing Garnet) presented me with this amazing award!

I was utterly thrilled! And it didn't stop there.  

I've had some truly amazing reviews for Bad Sister - I've been floored by the responses from readers and I'm grateful to every one of them for buying, reading and reviewing!

Not only that, but Bad Sister made some people's lists of 'Top Books in 2017' which is fantastic. 

I'm proud to be in Kaisha's fabulous list of great books that she read in 2017 (and she read a LOT!)

Thanks for this great banner, Kaisha!

In the UK you can currently get BAD SISTER on ebook for just 99p - click HERE 

The paperback is available in Asda, Tesco, some Waterstones and Amazon.

I have more highlights from 2017 - but will save for another post!

Here's to an equally amazing 2018 - my next book will be out as ebook in July - not long at all! Watch this space for further news 😊