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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Appearing at Crimefest, Bristol

Crimefest is going to be a different experience for me this year.

Last year was my first time in attendance and I went as a reader, a fan, and a soon-to-be-published-author. I had a brilliant time - I enjoyed meeting some people I'd only ever known via social media, and I was overcome with excitement when I met long-admired authors. I think I spent my time there in a constant state of hyperactivity. You can read my write-up of 2016 HERE.

But, what about this year? Will I be less hyper? Probably not. But this time, I feel I am going under a slightly different guise. This year, I can now say I AM a published author. One book is already published and the second is a matter of months away from being unleashed.

Not only that, but at Crimefest THIS time, I am TALKING. 
In front of people. 
I have a Spotlight session to deliver. This is both an exciting and an anxiety-inducing prospect.

My chosen topic is - When Murderer Becomes Muse: Inspiration from working with prisoners. 
Of course, I could talk forever on this subject, I have three years of experiences that I can draw on - but I only have 20 minutes. I hope I am able to convey just how interesting my job role had been in that short time!

If you're free at 11.20 a.m on Friday 19th May - please do come and find me. I'll also be around in the Book Room following my session to sign Saving Sophie.

I'll be around for the entire 4 days of the festival, so please do come up and say hello.

I've even had my nails painted to match the cover :)