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Friday, 6 December 2013

A Purr-fect Place to Write?

I'm very much looking forward to some quality time with my daughter today - and we are off to the lovely Totnes - the quaint town that I'm lucky enough to live near, to partake in a cream tea and browse the bookshops, particularly the used book shop I love. 

I did have in mind the cafe we were going to visit today, however my daughter just happened to mention the "Cat Cafe." Sounds strange, but intriguing. Do you take your own cat? 

I quickly googled said cafe. No, you don't take your own (I did see a problem with that concept - cat fights anyone?), they have their own 'professional' cats! Loving that. 

Will definitely be having my tea with cats today then, I adore cats, it'll be amazing I'm sure. 

I will tell you all about our experience later, and hopefully I'll have some great pictures to share, but for now the link to the cafe is here :)

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