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Monday, 3 November 2014

The Nano Bug

Yes, the NanoWriMo  bug has hit me too. Looking at a lot of blogs since November the 1st, I can see a number of my fellow writers are partaking this year. Very exciting! (Go Jan!!)

I am also in good company as a few writers from my online writer group are involved. There's nothing like some healthy competition and great support to see you through the long days of staring at a screen! 

Plus, other must-haves are a good supply of coffee, some upbeat music and biscuits. By the end of the month we may all be this big ...

Oh well. At least I should have 50,000 words down on the first draft of my second novel. Now, that's a great thought.

I wish everyone who is taking part a massive GOOD LUCK. There are numerous articles on the NanoWriMo site and on Twitter to inspire and motivate, as well as the likes of  Nano Sprints which gives prompts and encourages you to write for a set number of minutes then post how you did.

So, no excuses...

See you on the other side :)