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Bad Sister

Cover to be revealed!

                                               BAD SISTER

You were supposed to protect him.

You can change your name, but you can’t change your past...
Stephanie Cousins is scared for her life. Her psychologist wants to help Stephanie through her fears, but Connie Summers will never truly know her. Stephanie’s history has been wiped away as part of the witness protection programme.
Stephanie isn’t even the girl’s real name.
But, then, Connie Summers isn’t Connie’s real name either. And that’s not all the women have in common. Secrets and mistakes have led them both to this point, and no one is more surprised than Connie by the similarities. As Stephanie tells Connie about her troubled relationship with her brother, Connie is forced to recall the circumstances surrounding her own brother’s tragic death. Just one thing in a myriad of memories she’s trying to put behind her.
When a mutilated body is discovered with Connie’s name written on its bloody hand, both women are caught up in the aftermath.
The body could be a message or it could be a threat.
Or, just maybe, it could be a gift.

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Publishing as ebook on 5th October 2017

Paperback (UK) on 30th November 2017 by Avon, HarperCollins.

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