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Friday, 29 September 2017

Preparing for Bad Sister's publication

My second novel, Bad Sister, is due for publication on 5th October (ebook) and it has been quite a different experience to when my debut, Saving Sophie, was published.
It's been a far busier time, for one!
The other difference is that I know a little more of what to expect this time. It was a brand new and daunting experience having the first novel going out into the world. Authors often liken the process to childbirth, and I quite agree. But this is my second - and as most mothers will attest, we're a bit more relaxed about that second birth!
A bit.
Although I'm more au fait with the process, I am more anxious about the reaction from readers to my new creation! Second books can be notoriously difficult in following up the success of the first, there seems to be a greater pressure and the nerves are now well and truly settling in.
I'm sure come Wednesday night, when midnight is drawing closer and I'm on Twitter chatting to readers and bloggers who enjoyed and supported my debut, the nerves will evolve into sheer excitement. I feel so lucky to be having another novel publishing with Avon, HarperCollins and so I will try and enjoy it, and celebrate in style.
With bubbles, of course...
I hope you will be able to join in with some of the celebrations - they will be mainly online and therefore only virtual bubbles - but the paperback will be released in December and I will be having a real-life launch early January where some of those who've been supportive might be able to join in the celebrations in person. More to follow on that at a later date.

Also, do watch out for some fabulous giveaways soon, as well as a brilliantly supported blog tour!

You can pre-order Bad Sister here:
Amazon UK
Amazon USA