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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Pamper Night

My run up to Christmas always feels like such an incredible mountain to climb. This year that mountain has grown even bigger, and I am, quite frankly - frazzled.

I have left all my tasks to the last minute and am now suffering the consequences. Late night shopping was a chore last night, which is a shame as I would normally enjoy it. I did manage to get something though, but sore feet don't count apparently.

To add insult to injury, I was informed that I was to blame for my lack of organisation, that I should have started earlier. Hmmm....Saying that to an already frazzled woman who should, it seems be superwoman,
is quite likely to land the 'perpetrator' in hot water -  at this point I was more than willing to lower myself to shouting obscenities and resorting to some physical violence.

But, as a lady (!) I refrained of course. I have some standards to uphold.

Well, following a dismal attempt last night, I have resided myself to the fact that I will be one of those "Christmas Eve Shoppers," the panic buyers, the shoppers that I used to think were really silly, those I would ask "Why have you left it so late?" 


Of course the other inevitability about the run up to Christmas is that, like most Mums I imagine, I fail to consider my own mental health and physical well-being. So tonight I am redressing the balance a bit. My lovely daughter Danika is training to be a Nail Technician and I have the opportunity to be her guinea pig client - for a wonderful Luxury Pedicure. Ooh...that will do wonders for my aching feet! Can't wait. 

Perhaps tomorrow I will be refreshed enough to make another attempt at purchasing gifts...or maybe I'll just relax and put my feet up with a good book...

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