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Thursday, 5 December 2013


Feels amazing to have a short story in this months Take a Break's fiction feast!
"Unpicking the Past" is on page 19, nestled among some short story greats such as Wendy Clarke  and Della Galton

I am also proud to announce that I  managed to breezily go in, retrieve the magazine, have a quick flick - because even though I knew it was in there, I had to make doubly sure - all without whooping, screaming, or any other attention drawing things that may have got me banned from the shop.

It is a shame that my local Post Office didn't have TAB FF in today - I was a bit deflated, having built myself  up (as well as everyone else!) to go in and buy it as soon as I could - but, hey - I can re-live the experience tomorrow when I go back in to buy the one I put back :)

It may only be my second published story in a magazine, the first having been in Candis a couple of years ago, but it seems like a massive success to me anyway - and I will celebrate accordingly! 


  1. Fiction Feast was my first sale just over a year ago and I felt just like you. I had the same problem today when my local newsagent still had the last month's mag in there and I had to walk home empty handed. Look forward to reading your story.

    1. You've done so well in that year! Thanks Wendy, and for your help :)
      Your 3 stories look great, not read any yet though, saving for the weekend. Hope you get your mag tomorrow!