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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mary interviews me!

With thanks to Mary Papas for interviewing me - some great questions!

You can find all of Mary's interviews  HERE - scroll to the bottom of the page for mine :)

I really enjoyed answering these questions, they certainly got the old brain ticking. 

BUT - I have yet to interview anyone, which I think is out of fear.

If I asked someone - would they accept, being that my blog doesn't have a big following? Would they think it was a waste of their time?
You have to start somewhere, but when is the right time to invite a guest?

I would love your thoughts please seasoned bloggers!


  1. Well done on your interview, Sam. Some of your questions about asking writers for blog interviews have been covered in my article in last month's Writing Magazine, if you have it.

  2. Thanks Wendy. And I will dig it out - that's a great help thank you :)

  3. I'm not a seasoned blogger, Sam, as you know but just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your interview. Wendy's article on guest blogging in Writing Magazine was very informative and I think it will be a great help for you.

  4. Thanks so much Jan - and your blog is coming along beautifully :)

  5. The pleasure was mine Sammy! Thanks for your great replies to my questions...love interviewing great authors and showing their work!

    1. Ah thanks Mary! Perhaps when I get brave you'd like to pop along here to allow me to throw a few questions at you! :)