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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Publication Day for Short Story Collection!

Well, I pushed the button - hooray! :)

So with the concerns at the back of my mind I was able to progress to the actual publication stage.

Love Potion - six short stories, is now in the big wide world. 

It is the beginning I hope, of an enjoyable experience into Indie publishing. I look forward to further personal development, and learning from the vast amount of Indie Authors 'out there.'

Cheers!  Lovely people :)


  1. You were very brave to press the button - well done, Sam.

  2. Yes, I rather thought so! Thanks Wendy :)
    So, next is to be brave if the reviews aren't favourable!!

  3. Good for you, Sam. Love the cover - it must be great to see your name on the front. :-)