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Monday, 27 January 2014

Getting Ready to Publish...

Well, this has been a long process - bearing in mind I'm only publishing a collection of short stories, not a novel.

It has had it's moments. You know, those kind where you want to hurl the laptop out of the window, or merely jump up and down on it, because the formatting just won't do what you want it to, or the table of contents doesn't link to the actual contents.

I think I may have only been one step away from this:

But, on the plus side I have actually learnt quite a lot. Mainly through trial and error, and by traipsing the internet for 'instructions' of which there were many - some more helpful than others. But it mainly came down to my lack of know-how in relation to using Word, rather than the process of using Kindle Direct. 
By the time I am ready to repeat the experience, I will perhaps go through it more calmly - I may even enjoy it.

However, I shouldn't run away with myself. I haven't hit the all important 'publish' button yet.

There are various reasons for this:
  • I am afraid
  • I feel I have to read through it all just one more time...and then another...
  • I have to check the preview screens for each available reader numerous times to make sure all formatting is right for each
  • I'm worried that I'll click publish and realise I've forgotten something
  • I'm scared that no-one will like my stories
I guess it's the first and the last reasons that are the key ones in preventing the 'action.'

I could of course keep the collection trapped in my computer for ever. 

Perhaps I'll push the button later...

Perhaps I'll wait till tomorrow...

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