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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Things I learnt today:

1)      Even when faced with disappointment I can see the positive side – Ok, so my story isn’t going to be included in the next Short Story Group’s collection. I cannot say I wasn’t gutted when I read the email stating this, but…it only lasted a few minutes. I didn’t sulk for hours, so that’s a positive in itself - right? Then, I thought – that’s fine, I’ll put together my own collection and use it in that. I was pleased to then receive a further email confirming this thought –'You should put a collection together and publish it' it read. Ah-ha! I will do just that. Thanks Vanessa J

2)      Blogging is harder than I thought – yes, simply put, I am in awe of regular bloggers! I have spent so much time trawling the internet trying to figure out a) how to start it, b) what it should include, and c) stalking everyone else’s to ‘research’ what other writers are doing – so much so I am probably in breach of some kind of restraining order by now.

3)      This is how everyone probably feels when they start out – self-explanatory.

4)      There is so much advice available- there is seemingly an endless supply of information about how to blog well, there are books galore about it, so rather than waste any more time trying to trail through it, I am just going to go blindly (well not entirely) on – and learn as I go.

5)      I am going to have to ‘be interesting’ – This is obvious I guess, otherwise no-one will bother reading my blog anyway. So, tomorrow’s aim is to think about how on earth I’m going to pull that one off……

See you  tomorrow for more lessons learnt (if I can stay awake long enough to blog – haha)

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