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Friday, 7 July 2017

HarperCollins Summer Party

I was thrilled last year when I received my first invitation to the HarperCollins summer party at the Victoria and Albert Museum - it was one of the most exciting things that had happened to me as a writer! But at that point, my debut novel, Saving Sophie, was yet to be published. I was so nervous it was ridiculous, and although I knew names of other authors, and followed some on social media, I hadn't met any in person. Thankfully my agent, Anne Williams, was with me and she took me under her wing.

I had an amazing time, drank too much, met some fabulous authors and spent a lot of time with the editors from Avon, who publish me. But I remember feeling a bit awkward, embarrassed even when I was asked who I was, what I'd written. I felt almost apologetic in my response: 'Oh, I'm not published yet, my book is out in August.' That kind of thing...

This year's party invite! 200 years celebration!

Charlie Redmayne CEO of HarperCollin giving his speech
But this year was different. Saving Sophie is published, Bad Sister is due for publication in October, I actually felt like an author at the party this time! As I stood with Anne listening to Charlie Redmayne's wonderful speech, we clinked glasses to celebrate over 100,000 sales of the ebook of Saving Sophie and when he talked about 'authors' I was thrilled and proud to know I was one of them.

I met so many brilliant, talented and lovely authors on Wednesday - and I was among friends. I am lucky to be a part of HaperCollins and really hope that my journey with them lasts a long time!

I didn't take very many photos - I've included the few I managed to take. (I have got a fab one of myself with Charlie Redmayne, but it was the end of the evening and, well, I won't be sharing that one here...)

SAVING SOPHIE is currently in the UK kindle summer sale at just 99p - please do grab a copy HERE.

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