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Saturday, 11 March 2017

What a year!

A little over a year ago I travelled to London, and with my nerves shot to pieces, I entered the very impressive News Building -where HarperCollins publishers is housed. (You can see my write-up about my book deal moment and visit to HarperCollins HERE).

There, along with my brilliant agent, Anne, I met my editor and some of the team from Avon (an imprint of HarperCollins) and my dream of becoming a novelist took a huge turn towards becoming reality.

Just five months later, my debut novel SAVING SOPHIE was out in the world. 

Authors often liken writing, then publishing their novel, to 'giving birth to their baby'. For me, the process was less than the 9 months it took to birth my actual babies - and with that speed also came shock! Of course it was utterly fantastic to be in this position - it's what I'd been dreaming of - but I can't say I was totally prepared for it. This year has been a steep learning-curve. 

But I've enjoyed (almost) every minute of it, and I'm thrilled how well SOPHIE has done. With ebook and print editions combined, it has now sold over 100,000 worldwide! 

Just over the year - and I've now written my second novel and it's waiting to be unleashed! 
BAD SISTER will be published in October, and with this comes the 'second-book-nerves'. Will people buy it? Will it be as well received as SAVING SOPHIE? 

Only time will tell. And in the mean time, I have book 3 to write...

It really has been an amazing year - and I thank everyone who has been involved in it. 

Here's to the next!
(And I do have more good news to share soon...) 


  1. What an exciting journey! You must feel like pinching yourself at times. I can't wait for the next book xxx

    1. I do - daily! Thanks so much, Abbie (and for being a part of my great year!) xx

  2. Such a roller-coaster of a year, Sam. I'm so looking forward to 'Bad Sister'. :-)

    1. It really has been! Thanks so much, Jan :)