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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Saving Sophie on Location!

I feel incredibly lucky to live in a wonderful area of Devon and wanted to share the beauty with you!

For those who have read my debut psychological thriller, Saving Sophie, you will know that Haytor, Dartmoor is a key location. Like Karen in the novel, I have a view of Haytor. It's about a half hour drive from where I live, so not far. I'm also about the same time away from the sea, so for me it's the perfect place to live!

This is the view from
my back door (zoomed in!) 
But how fabulous is that?

When deciding where to set Saving Sophie, there was no competition really. I've included some photos of Dartmoor so you can see for yourself the reasons why it was a great setting - it's one of the most atmospheric places I know. And so vast... well, anything is possible...

The next photos show Teignmouth pier and beach, and were the inspiration for a scene in Saving Sophie

Both Dartmoor and the Teignmouth area will also play a vital role in my next novel. 

Hope you agree, it's a fabulous area of the country!

Saving Sophie is currently 99p to buy now as ebook. 

Paperback will follow in December

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