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Monday, 15 August 2016

Saving Sophie - The Blog Tour

It's been a mad three days since Saving Sophie was published! 

In fact, I just had to check that it WAS only three days ago...

I'm thrilled that people have been downloading my debut offering and some people have already read it - THANK YOU ALL!

It's early days, but on the whole the reviews have been brilliant. I'm definitely pleased that many are enjoying the book. But not only have I had some fabulous reviews, I've also received messages and chatted about Saving Sophie  - it's been so lovely to talk to readers!

The blog tour makes a stop on Laura's Little Book Blog today, where I'm talking a bit about phobias - a key aspect of Karen's life in Saving Sophie

You can read it HERE

I'm going to update the 'my novel' page to include some of the amazing things that are being said about Saving Sophie very shortly...

Saving Sophie can be found at the fab price of 99p on various sites - the links to these can be found on the HarperCollins site HERE

I hope people continue to read and enjoy it!

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