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Monday, 16 February 2015

One Lovely Blog Award - and a needed distraction

Now, I realise I've had this before - but I'm obviously delighted I have been thought of again. This time the wonderful crime writer Jane Isaac has kindly nominated me. Thank you Jane, and for the particular timing of this award - a little something she sent my way in order to keep my mind occupied - and it certainly has done that! Trying to think of 7 facts that people won't know about me has had my mind in a turmoil. I've realised just how boring I actually am. But, in the spirit of the award, I have managed a few random facts:

  • Every year myself, hubby and daughter go to The Oscars. Would be amazing to go to the actual ceremony, but alas, this one is in my house. We do go all out though - champagne, cocktails, appetisers, posh dresses (well, a suit for the hubby) and ... oh dear ... even an Oscar. Yes. We are a bit mad.

  • As a child I suffered terribly from travel sickness. It made any outing a trauma - for everyone concerned. I still wonder why my best friend's mum persevered and didn't dump me along the roadside on many trips. All I had to do was literally sit in the car (it didn't need to be moving) and I would chuck. Not pleasant. I passed the curse onto my sons too. One lovely trip to France was marred by countless stops to 'spill the bucket'. I have grown out of it now, thankfully :)
  • Talking of childhood - I have a confession. In my last year of primary school, the school finally got its first computer - a BBC one if I remember correctly. The computer and monitor were kept in a walk-in cupboard in my classroom. During an arty project where I had painted luminous paint on a lantern, I, along with one of the boys, went into said cupboard, shut the door and in the darkness checked out if the paint shone. Hearing the teacher return to the classroom we both tried to get out of the cupboard quickly, and I accidentally knocked the monitor to the floor. The top of it had caved in. Oops. Of course, I blamed the boy. Sorry.
  • I won awards for my handwriting. I was told by my headteacher that my neatness and attention to detail meant I would go far in life. I hope he's right - am I running out of time?!
  • I studied with The Open University for 11 years straight. I begun with a Social Science course in view of it being the beginning of my Psychology degree, then changed direction to complete my Adult Nursing Diploma with them, once I completed that I turned my attention back to the Psychology. For ages once I'd finally finished, I felt as though a huge chunk of my life was missing, I love studying, it really is a case of life-long learning. If I had more money, I'm quite sure the OU would get me back...
  •  I HATE peanut butter. Loathe it. It's an abomination. Yuk. The smell, the texture ... blurgh.
  • I have a weird crush on Richard Osman. I think it's his humour, intelligence and height that do it for me ;)
Phew. I managed 7 facts. All completely Pointless. 
Ah, see - it's all in the humour.

So, to state the rules for The Lovely Blog Award: write seven facts about yourself, then tag some of your favourite bloggers and ask them to do the same. 

I would like to nominate the following:

Wendy Clarke - short story writer who is writing her debut novel (really - she IS)

Karen Long - author of The Vault and The Safe Word who I've recently had the pleasure of 'meeting' on Twitter
Carol Hedges Author, and lovely Tweeter who makes me laugh :)

Don't feel pressured though! I will look forward to some random facts if you decide to take up the challenge.

Thanks again to Jane (that's one week of waiting taken care of!)

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Thank you very much for passing on this award, Samantha. I am very busy at the moment trying to write my 'oh, yes I am' novel but hopefully will be able to find some time in the next few weeks. I think I ought to mention that I DIDN'T win prizes for handwriting!

    1. It's a well deserved award Wendy - and don't worry about the time frame! You get on with that novel :) Oh, and I didn't mention I have different handwriting depending on what I'm writing - if you could see my writing notebook ... well! The fact I have several forms of handwriting may say something about me too! Haha.

  2. Interesting facts, Samantha. I just love the idea of your Oscars night! Brilliant. :-)

    I have a phobia about mice. Without letting on to me, my husband dealt with ones he'd found in our loft by tempting them with peanut butter which apparently they love! Like you, I hate it and he had some explaining to do when a jar appeared in the kitchen! Aaaarggh!

    1. Thanks Jan - Oscars night was fab! I am suffering from lack of sleep still though, think it'll be a few days before I catch up with myself!
      Eww!! Mice plus peanut butter *shudders* That is bad. Bless your husband for dealing with the mice for you though :) Thanks for dropping by Jan.

  3. Wow, those were some interesting facts Sammy! Especially liked the one about your great handwriting (I used to have a horrible one LOL).

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  5. Well, @CazsBooks is off to The Oscars
    Great idea!

  6. Oopsy http://cazgreenham.blogspot.com I meant to put, earlier