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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Liebster Award

     What a lovely surprise to have been nominated for this award by Jan Baynham. I admit to not having heard about it until now though - and then I had to use old faithful  Google to see what it was all about!

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have a following of between 200 and 3000 – depending on which resource you read. 

You can just accept the award as an honorary one if you don’t wish to pass it on, but - where's the fun in that? 

Here are the Liebster Award rules:

  • Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

So, thank you to the lovely Jan Baynham, who has been of great support in both the blogging and writing worlds. Her short stories appear on Alfie Dog Fiction and her blog is very informative, including some great tips she gained from a Woman's Weekly Fiction Workshop that she was kind enough to share. You can also follow her on Twitter @JanBayLit 
  • Answer the questions posed.

Here are the questions that Jan set for me to answer, together with my answers:

·         Who is your favourite author?
    Difficult one - I'm a bit fickle! Currently it's a throw up between  S J Bolton and Gregg Hurwitz because I think they are probably the only authors for a while that I have read more than one book of!

·         When is your favourite time for writing?
      I tend to be a morning person on the whole. Once my brood are out the door and it's just me and my cat and dog. Having said that I have written some short stories late at night in bed.

·         What is your current work-in-progress and what inspired you to write it?
     I am over half way now into my debut novel. It centres on Mel, an Interventions Facilitator in a male prison and her desire to 'get into the head' of a convicted rapist. Having worked in a prison  with a range of offenders delivering Offending Behaviour Programmes my experiences (and those of my co-workers) were my inspiration. Obviously I have made it all up though!

·         Does your writing fit into a particular genre?
  I am pitching my novel as a Psychological Thriller. My short stories are far more light-hearted and fit more with what is popular in women's magazines.

·         If you could invite three people from history to dinner, who would they be?
      1- Oscar Wilde - for his brilliance and all those amazing quotes he can spew forth at dinner!
     2- Nostradamus - how fascinating to hear his prophecies first hand, I'm sure they would keep the guests entertained - one way or another :)
    3- Sigmund Freud - I have always been interested in Psychology and his 'take' on my choices of dinner guests would certainly be an insight! Obviously it would all be sexual ...

·         What book are you reading at the moment?
     I am reading The Truth Will Out, by Jane Isaac although I do have some others on the go too! I often have 2 or 3 going and it depends on my current mood as to which I will pick up.

·         What book that you've read has successfully been turned into a film?
     I guess that depends on what you mean by 'successfully' turned into a film! I read and loved The Silver Linings Playbook and although I enjoyed the film version some of the changes they made really annoyed me! 

·         Post a link to one of your favourite poems.
     Now, I don't read poetry (awful admission I know - sorry!) and have very little knowledge of poets. I'm afraid I have to admit to not being able to recall any poem other than this one. Now there is a story behind this - this poem was featured in one of my all time favourite books The Outsiders, by S E Hinton. I read the book when I was 12 (ish) and is memorable because it was this book that sealed a friendship - a life-long one - with my friend Jo. We still quote this poem, which in the book was recited by the character Ponyboy.

·         What do you like to do when you are not writing?
     Apart from reading and spending time on social networks? Is there any time left for other activities? I enjoy walking Riley, my border terrier and spending time with my 'kids' 19, 16 and 14. I fear I may be a tad boring...

·         Whose blog - not already mentioned here - would you recommend for writers to follow?
      Wendy Clarke is someone I admire and have followed since I became interested in short story writing. She is successful, lovely and shares interesting and informative information on her blog, called 'Wendy's Writing Now' I really enjoy it.

  • Choose a number of bloggers to nominate.
This is quite difficult as many I know have lots of followers and so do not strictly qualify!

Apparently the number of bloggers to nominate varies depending on which source you read, I was meant to be following Jan's lead here and nominate three, but as yet have found only one who 'qualifies' has not already taken part (and Jan has chosen one I would have) or done a load of work lately which may cause them to really sweat if I nominate them!

I may have to cheat, let the side down - sorry! Perhaps I can sneak another in a bit later??

My nomination therefore is:
Fran Clark - her 'Writing Women's Fiction' blog  is both entertaining and informative, she has a lovely style. 'Holding Paradise is her debut novel and she also writes short stories. You can follow her on Twitter  @FranClarkAuthor

  • Make up more questions for your nominees to answer.

Here are my questions for my nominee/s:

1) What is one mod-con that you cannot imagine living without?

2) What is you pet peeve?

3) Who are the 3 people you most admire?

4) What is the first record you purchased with your own money?

5) If you could only take two books on holiday with you, which two would you choose and why?

6) What is your favourite quote, and by whom?

7) Why do you write?

8)  In your opinion what is your best blog post? (Please provide link)

9) What are you scared of?

10) You've got 3 wishes - what are they? (Just to note - I'm afraid I can't grant them!)

I hope Fran doesn't mind flying the flag as it were - no pressure!

Thank you again Jan for the nomination :)

Not sure I deserve the award, but I'm displaying it anyway! 


  1. A well deserved award, Sam. I love reading the answers to these questions. Your novel sounds very exciting - look forward to reading it when it's published! Thank you for mentioning my blog, I'm so glad you've found it useful.

    1. Thank you Wendy, I could rattle on for days in answer to the questions - but thought I better keep it relatively brief! I hope the novel IS exciting - a lot of work to do yet though, but I like your comment 'when' it's published, haha. And you are welcome for the blog mention, it's a fab blog! Happy writing :)

  2. I loved reading the answers to the questions I'd set for you, Samantha. Thank you for carrying on the award. Like Wendy, I think your novel sounds very intriguing and I love psychological thrillers. I'm looking forward to reading it. Off now to look at Fran's blog - not that I expect her to have your answers yet but just out of interest if you follow her.

    1. Well, thank YOU Jan - having read your answers I have now found out a bit about poetry, well Dylan anyway - see, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you for your support, and enjoy Fran's blog! :)