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Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Club Babes

   Inspiration comes in many guises. For example, book club – great for general chats about the current book -and some in-depth analysis - but even more so for the chit-chat that comes after the ‘book talk.’ Honestly - the diverse range of topics that we manage to cover are truly amazing. I think that tonight we have gone from neutering dogs, to unreasonable ex-husbands (who equally, should be neutered), from stress fractures to Alzheimer’s. I should have taken out my notebook. But, unfortunately as the wine was flowing, my creativity was ebbing.

   I sit here now, writing this - following a bottle of cava. I have the usual ‘comfortable story’ that I deserved a night out, that I deserved a bit of a tipple - the usual story I guess. But, I do deserve it, it’s been a difficult, challenging time. But, to be honest, the most therapeutic thing I have found so far is not cava, but writing. Writing heals the soul. So, armed with a new arsenal of weapons (by which I mean material) I go forth into a new day with fresh ideas and a passion to transfer my ideas into words that perhaps someone else will read and enjoy.

   I hope that when my book-club buddies read my stories that have been inspired by tonight's ramblings, that they will realise that to be immortalised through words is the greatest form of flattery…

If not, I think I may be looking to join a new book club...


  1. Hi Sam. Welcome to blogland. I am your first follower and I am sure that others will soon follow. First of all let me say what a brave step you've taken. It was the same one I took when my school closed and I was made redundant. Going back to the previous post - yes, you will find that at first people may not take your new career seriously. I had a lot of comments such as "Oh, Wendy can do that, she doesn't work." I didn't let it put me off, though and just worked harder to prove them wrong (which I soon did). Having said that, you will always get people who will think you can just drop everything and do whatever it is that they want you to do. Your timetable idea is a good one but don't get too rigid about work time - I love that I have the flexibility to fit my work around other things in my life. Set yourself goals but don't be too precious about them... and cherish the extra time you get with your mother. P.S Cava... yum!

    1. Welcome Wendy! And thank you for being my 1st follower - yipee :)

      Yes, it is rather a brave step - one I really do hope to look back on as the best move I made, as I'm sure you must feel now you are able to do what you love, and support yourself and your family. I know it will take hard work, perserverance, thick skin...etc, etc not to mention living on the breadline for a while - but I am determined to succeed!

      Thank you for your advice about not becoming too rigid - it is one of the perks to be able to work around other things afterall - I suppose I just want to set myself a routine to begin with to ensure I actually write! Perhaps when I am as successful as you, I will loosen up a bit ;)

      I know I should cherish moments with Mum, however frustrating - I feel gutted enough about losing my Dad this year - life is short, I will ensure that I make time for her - We are off to the 'The Hub' on Thursday for another lunch :)

      As for cava...what can I say? I think that my love of cava is the one thing that most people know about me - I do hope I can work on that and perhaps help them add other more interesting facts to their knowledge!